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[000:00:00;00] the the . ps the south korean sensation has gone people around the world are dancing to gangnam style side even performed for the president despite his anti-u.s. songs meanwhile several americans are being persecuted for defying the obama administration a look at this double standard straight ahead. and children across the u.s. go to school learn their a.b.c.'s on the basics of arithmetic but a growing number of young teens are getting a tough lesson in reality with more students headed to prison every day we're told the school to prison pipeline we'll tell you who's profiting from this phenomenon coming up. and we've heard of too big to fail but how about too big to cut d.c.
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lawmakers are fighting hard to protect against the military against sequester ation cuts we'll take you to the battle over funding and ask if the military is really worth all of the money being spent on it. it is monday december tenth four pm in washington d.c. i'm christine for you watching our team while if you haven't been dancing to gangnam style you're one of the few who didn't contribute to the song becoming the most watched you tube video of all time but south korean sensation side has a lesser known song that's caused him some grief in recent days in two thousand and four sign performed a song at an american themed concert around the same time the korean missionaries were killed in iraq and after a u.s. military tank accidently killed korean schoolgirls want to show you some of the lyrics he says kill those f. ing yankees who have been torturing iraqi captives kill those f.
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ing yankees who ordered them to torture kill their daughters mothers daughters in law and fathers kill them all slowly and painfully distance topside from performing at last night's annual chris. miss in washington concert where the members of the audience are more famous than the performers among them president barack obama who gamely shuck size hand after his special christmas version of gangnam style now aside did apologize for the graphic anti american lyrics and it seems it was accepted just as quickly but some people are wondering why the white house so easily led by gone be bygones with a korean pop star when it wasn't nearly as kind to government employees one of those people is with me now retired colonel morris davis a professor at howard university hey there now you were tweeting about this over the weekend sort of drawing the comparison and before we start i want to put up a couple of the tweets from your from your twitter account one of them you said. things kill those f. ing americans and gets
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a white house invite i right get no military conditions commissions a bad idea get fired and three your court fight with the obama administration you also wrote what does obama actions regarding sigh and me say more support for foreign celebrity than american veteran thanks for your service yet right colonel davis say your quote of the day that we sort of enjoyed was a side gets the hand i get the finger talk about the distinction that you're drawing here well you know i wrote an op ed. late in two thousand and nine and i saw him veterans day saying that the obama administration backpedaling and reviving military commissions at guantanamo was a bad idea that having a double standard prosecuting some cases in federal court and others in military commission was setting a double standard and i got my terminations notice from my government job shortly thereafter and for those who don't know you have we have you on the show quite a bit for it but for those who don't know you worked at guantanamo bay for something years as a prosecutor there goes the chief prosecutor from two thousand and five into
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thought to two thousand and seven and you're resigned from the job during the bush administration because i was opposed to evidence of thing about torture and the political meddling in the trial so i didn't win any republican friends when i quit during the bush administration. and then alienating the democrats when i criticize president obama i know you raise some few some red flags but very few people seem to be concerned not just that this korean pop star got to perform for the president at this event but the people like you like thomas drake that like john kiriakou have spoken out about government wrongdoing and have been punished for it i mean why do you think so few people are outraged well i think the american public you know the government tends to keep them ignorant and uninformed and that's i think the example they're trying to say by persecuting people to speak up you know to me it's interesting like chin guangcheng you know who spoke out against the chinese government our government treated him like a hero and welcome and you know it's crocker you here gave him
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a job right and we got harvard right so the administration welcomes critics of other governments and then persecute people that speak up about you know people that point out that the emperor here may be a little threadbare on the backside get persecuted and prosecuted and you know belittled and broken and bankrupted. for telling the truth and you're not just somebody exercising your freedom of speech you're somebody who has devoted years if not decades to military service of this writer and talk a little bit about sort of the evolution that you have gone through as not only an american but as an american who served in the u.s. military well i served for twenty five years because you know we take an oath to defend the constitution and i believe in the constitution i think most citizens think our constitutional rights record of being granted and it's disappointing when you exercise want to find out is carved in sandstone instead i mean i think the
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rights are absolute as long as you don't use them and when you use and you find out that the government may have a different idea so things like free speech and due process and religious freedom and all the other things that we tend to take for granted. turned out not to be is is rock solid as i think most people believe they are so when i got my terminations notice back in two thousand and nine i could have said that. you know the constitution didn't apply to me that would have been a false statement i would have been lying so rather than say that i. stood by what i said and i got fired talk a little bit about i mean your reaction to some of your tweets i mean you were trying to draw a comparison i don't think that you're somebody that super anti-gun gangnam style but what's the reaction that you got what were people writing back to you well it's a mixed bag i mean there are some that said saya apologized and it seemed to be sincere and i have no reason to doubt that but i was a service member at the time he was inciting people to kill american service members and i had a wife and
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a daughter that he was saying should be killed slowly and painfully so you know it is a little personal when somebody says something like that but you know he apologized for saying it at least his publicist did but i don't know it may be like the two and a half men star who recently said that the show was garbage and people shouldn't watch it until someone pointed out he makes three hundred thousand dollars a week on that show and he apologized in saying very sincere about it so i mean the words to me were pretty dramatic i mean there are other foreigners that have said kill americans and i said to get a hand they got a hellfire missile so the administration's reaction to this one has been a little surprising and i think it is a really interesting comparison to draw i want to talk sort of bigger picture about something else that's going on a report put together by the u.s. senate committee is almost wrapped up in this report sort of looks at whether so-called you know enhanced interrogation method tactics work in terms of getting information out we're talking sleep deprivation waterboarding and other techniques
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whether these techniques actually lead to critical breakthroughs now this report is almost wrapped up and there's new evidence coming out that u.s. senators might decide. to keep this report under wraps and might not let american people see it i want to get your reaction to this well first of them say i'm disappointed cathy bigelow's new movie has the dark thirty has gotten tons of you know it's gotten a lot of it right accolades for i'm disappointed that she lied in the movie and so are portrays that waterboarding led to the killing of osama bin laden i mean that's just wrong it is no factual evidence evidence and there's a lot of evidence that this movie is going to become huge and people who watch it will take it as sort of a nonfiction account as opposed to a fictional account right and i think there will be i think the public that will be their version of the truth so i think that makes the senate report even more important i mean the actions that the senate report investigation looked at were
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actions taken on behalf of the american people using our tax dollars to carry them out then the senate had this investigation done again using our tax dollars to pay for it so the american people ought to be able to see what is being done in our name and with our money and what the findings are exactly as to why do you think they want to keep this under wraps why do you think they want to keep it as a classified document well i think if you look back at the state secrets privilege the goes back to the rules case over fifty years ago and it turns out that whole case was built on a lie i think a lot of these cases is not about the future harm which is always what cited national security is in jeopardy and if we tell you know what's going on it will impact future operations but more often than not it's just trying to hide the embarrassment of what happened in the past because this investigation has been going going on for three years and was looking back at policies that were ended a number of years ago so this is not a an ongoing future operation and it's past history but i think there may be some
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embarrassment there of the people would like to keep under wraps it is interesting because you did see i mean president obama one of the first things he did when he came into office was to try to make you know this type of torture. you know to try to ban it and prevent it from happening any more so so why is it so hard to say you know we messed up we're sorry and we're going to prevent this from happening instead the findings are hitting you we're not real good at saying we're sorry you know apparently here in this country in the eyes of some admitting fault is viewed as a weakness and so we never apologize for america we're really good about wanting to hold other people accountable for their conduct that is the president said you know we're going to look forward and we're never going to look back so all these things that happened in the past that we would condemn others for we've seen pretty comfortable with just pretending that never happened here what about that that all expression those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it it's interesting there is some reason that saying exists and it's unfortunate that we're
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taking this attitude so hopefully some point in time we will look back and account for what we did in the past and not repeat the mistakes but it certainly didn't seem that this administration who came into office promising a new era of openness and transparency. certainly hadn't lived that out in the first term yeah there is a lot that that's not being done there retired colonel morris davis we always appreciate you carl davis is a professor at howard university and former prosecutor at quantum obey. well there's a disturbing trend trend in a small town in central arizona and that is the increased use of the private for profit prison industry to assist in police work one example involves a lockdown at a high school on halloween during the day in which students were locked in their classrooms as officers and canine dogs came in to sweep the school for drugs and those students who got caught were going to arrest it thus throwing them into a system from which the corrections corporation of america or c.c.a.
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profits tremendously it is one incident with some major system wide implications and investigative reporter boho di wrote about it in an in-depth piece in p.r. watch in which he outlined some of the problematic aspects of this story. joins me now to talk a little bit about this october thirty first incident and also why as you point out it isn't just concerning it's also illegal. or some legal issues with the term now to be made by way of background on october thirty first you know there was a drug raid at the there's a ground zero school in kansas agreement. in the raid was led by the caster graham police department and officers with the department of public safety it was a healer getting community and then corrections corporation of america canine units came in also then doe the eat the legal issue with it is occurring jitters on
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administrative code in order for anybody to support taking any sort of peace officer action of any type they have to be post which is. the certification training board in arizona certified no no c.c.a. employee in the state of arizona is actually certified for peace officer djibouti. so i mean it is anyone other than you raising red flags about this i mean is this going to be a legal issue in this day. i don't know that it will for anybody who's going to take up any sort of legal challenge to this and i do know that it would seem well you know i wrote this article is systems of alex friedman who is the associate editor of prison legal news and he spoke to the people you know with the jesse grund police department and they indicated that they plan on continuing to do this in the future is you know. this is a state that seems to have an overly cozy relationship with the private present present industry i give us some examples what you found in your research with
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arizona and c.c.a. well. there's a great deal of interest in arizona in recent years particularly since two thousand and seven or so i'm going to read an article in to tender detail of how agenda rulers. change one time campaign manager an advisor charles kaufman was actually hired by c c's a lobbyist in two thousand and ten and also at that time brewers to education director ok i'll send some in was a former long time she said a lobbyist his wife was still lobbying for c.c. it while he was in her office and so there's quite a bit of cross own ization of influence when it comes to the private prison industry in the state and gender of course became famous for not only being the governor of arizona but for fighting really tooth and nail to get s.b. ten seventy passed a really harsh immigration belt is there
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a connection with what's contained in that piece of legislation and the private prison industry. well the story with this speech i'm seventy is that the bills alter the bills legislative author rowsell piers took that piece of legislation to the american legislative exchange council who is known as alec about a month and a half prior to his introduction of the bill and the arizona senate it's not exactly known known what occurred with that bill at the eligible meeting however the you know eliot taskforce she. presented a bill and it was c.e.o. of the safety elections task force on which corrections corporation of america sent you know it's a very interesting thing to note given the fact that she see a earns well over a billion dollars revenue year large part of that is derived from the you know detention of immigrants or illegal immigrants yeah i want to break down some numbers for our viewers regarding this part of president
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a story as i mentioned already and as you just mentioned this is a billion dollar in industry and their revenue comes mostly from taxpayer funded government contracts in which they're paid per day per prisoner and i know in pinellas county arizona alone there are six c.c.a. own correction facilities so it's the only c.c.a. own facilities in a total of twenty states plus washington d.c. we're talking ninety two thousand beds for prisoners in immigrants and last year again reported one point seven billion dollars in gross revenue so the more people that are locked up the better why do you think that governments have chosen to turn you know this job of incarcerating people over to for profit corporations. well there are there are a lot of. arguments for that you hear in the. take for example al that. privatization of many services and not just the prison industry is really billed as being
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a cure all for budgetary ills. as far as why they do it in reality i don't know because there are you know there's plenty of data in arizona to show that it actually does not save the taxpayers money as a matter of fact caroline isaacs with the american friends service committee has written a good piece on that. you do look at the lobbying number still is well this is close knit relationships between c.c.a. lobbyists and vice presidents who have you and those in our sector and you see that there is certainly influence at play in there are billions of billions yet millions of dollars being spent on lobbying at both the state and federal level by these corporations well i think it's important to note that this isn't just i mean certainly it's very prominent and prevalent in arizona when you kind of take a step back and see that this is now infiltrating into you know american children a you know and to their school days but it seems to be a trend that is growing that not fewer prisons but more and more prisons are being
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run you know privately and i just think that a lot of people are not taking notice of this. yet as a matter of fact the state of arizona actually just are granting a contract for a thousand new private visits with arizona inmates to c.c.a. and. that you know it's a substantial gain for the company and it's a huge growth in private prison base in the state is a believe as of a few years ago there was only like twenty five hundred beds in the state period. yeah it seems to me that you know it's not rocket science here that if you have a private company making money and they make the more successful they are means more and more people are locked up behind bars it seems to me that people ought to take notice that there's kind of a weird connection going on but certainly hearing the story that you wrote about about the high school having these private prison employees coming in you know
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during this lockdown very interesting stuff boho di investigative reporter for d.b.a. press thanks so much. still ahead here on our team members of congress that the deadline for sequester ation out now a lot of lawmakers are fighting tooth and nail to prevent cuts to the military.
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wants to know if the pentagon is too big to cut. cut cut cut cut. cut. cut cut. cut . well when we talk about going over the fiscal cliff one of the things lawmakers on both sides of the aisle fear most are these massive cuts to the defense budget that would go into effect waiters in washington warn almost on
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a daily basis that these proposed reductions in defense will hurt national security and lead to another recession but there are some parts of this story that aren't being told are teaser mungle indo takes a look. with that fighter jets patrolling the skies. and well armed battleships sailing the seas the united states has amassed the strongest military force in the world but some in washington believe proposed cuts to the defense department would be devastating defense cuts that i believe would do real damage to our security our troops and their families and our military's ability to protect the nation in this age of austerity u.s. defense secretary leon panetta painted a doomsday scenario it proposed cuts in the military budget go into effect however even if these cuts go through many analysts believe american military spending will remain bloated i think a lot of americans i think don't realize just how much more powerful our military
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is than any other military on the planet. our military spending has gone up every single year that i've been in office according to the stockholm international peace research institute the us actually spends more on defense than the next thirteen countries combined accounting for twenty percent of all federal spending in twenty twelve the apartment defense base budget was five hundred fifty three billion dollars not including war funding that's more than twice as large as one thousand nine hundred nine the military has grown exponentially since nine eleven so this is a cut out of out of a department that is growing measurably so this is not going to decimate us it's not going to be catastrophic however possible reductions to weapon systems has defense contractors were eat their allies in congress have sounded the alarm so up to one million jobs are at risk one report estimates that my home state of mississippi alone could lose more than eleven thousand jobs many local economies have become reliant on government defense spending including here in southern
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california where defense and aerospace firms employ thousands of people out of the yellow valley and we commonly refer to ourselves as the aerospace capital of the world out there the end of the valley east of los angeles is. to several defense firms deputy l.a. county supervisor norm hickling is worried about job losses if contractors are forced to cut back there is countless small businesses maybe have twenty ten employees that are going to be hurt because they're the ones that supply fasteners and equipment and supplies to the larger companies so that california is where defense from north or brahman is building the fuselage for the f. thirty five at one trillion dollars it's the most expensive weapons program in history and has been riddled with delays so we can miss believe that money can be spent better elsewhere this money gets committed to defense contractors and then they have to figure out ways to spend and when they do that sometimes bad things happen the job that relies really on wasting government money is not
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a job that sustainable in a free economy studies also show that more money on the fence firms doesn't mean more jobs project on government oversight conducted a study on employment at the top five contractors over the five year period to implement the company's declined even as a total federal contract dollars awarded to the firm's rose researchers found that military spending is one of the least effective ways that the government can create jobs the military budget in its contractors have been sacred in the past critics when the defense industries powerful lobbying arm along with the revolving door in washington there's a huge corruption if you look at the number of generals who then turn around and become senior consultants or senior vice presidents with these defense contractors and they know that it's the classic revolving door whether u.s. grapples with massive debts and deficits current budget reductions will do little to reduce military firepower. or cut prices defense contracts.
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in los angeles ramon the lindo party. and now to a story of innovation under pressure weapons research a man not schroeder discovered via a freedom of information act request during a war in iraq and iraq in. surgeons found novel ways to make old weapons like new these photos show troops in iraq playing around with some do it yourself rocket launchers including one that uses a person's head as the launching pad shorter believe the photo is from two thousand and nine an improvised rocket launchers used parts from russian made rockets taken from saddam era stockpiles iraqi militants are the only ones playing with playing macgyver with any weapons they can get their hands on arms specialists have seen similar ingenuity coming from libya in syria and there's more news from syria today the federal register including the syrian rebel group jots all nusra on its list of terrorist organizations the state department said the job at all nusra has ties to
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al qaeda and there's no question that it is using some of the same tactics the rebel group has taken credit for multiple suicide bombings in syria targeting the government of bashar al assad now in the state department determines that a group is a terrorist organization that blocks americans from doing business with the group and freezes of any u.s. assets and may have to move signals that the u.s. is looking to isolate the more radical elements of syrian opposition as the civil war in the country and tears its twenty second month. i want to thank you so much
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for watching we are going to be back here in thirty minutes i'm christine. british.
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